Why Price Fluctuates in E-Commerce Websites?

fluctuation of price in e-commerce webites

Have you ever noticed the Fluctuation of Price of Products in E-Commerce websites?

So let us see how it happens.

Like for example, you visited Amazon to buy shoes but you didn’t buy for any reason on that particular Day. After a few days or weeks when you again visit Amazon website to buy the same product you will find price variations. It can be an increase or decrease.

Here I am only talking about the general products. Not those exclusively launched products Which are only Available for Limited Periods.

So how does this variation takes place in all E-Commerce Websites?

Well, there are so many factors.

This giant website runs on various algorithms.

What does this algorithm actually does is they track your each and every detail when you visit their websites.

They have a huge database in which they stored every information of their users.

Their Machine Learning algorithm will track your activities on their websites like which kind of products you visited the most. 

The Kind of Products You Search For?

The Brands You are Looking For?

The Time You spend to read the reviews of Products?

Whether You opt for Products which does not come in the category of Free Shipping?

The Products You had in Your Cart. The Product You Purchased Before.

How much Time did You Spend on their Particular Page?

The range of products you like to Buy.

Whether you choose delivery option as a cash on delivery or you like to pay online and many more other factors.

So there are actually many factors which their algorithms track about you.

And based on your history and activity on websites, these E-Commerce Companies fluctuates their Price according to users.

Nevertheless, When we compare the price of our product from the market value. We still get those products at Lower Price at E-Commerce Websites.

Thanks to their Offers and Deals.

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