What is Web Hosting? Why Do You Need Web Hosting?

why do you need web hosting?

If you want to grow your business or if you want to make money online. The very first thing that comes to in our mind is Website.
And yes that’s true, the very powerful thing in today’s era is Website. You definitely need a website if you want to grow in this online world.

But what are the basic ingredients we require to create our website?

Well, most of the people must be aware of those two ingredients which are Domain Name and Web Hosting.

So now the question arises what is Web Hosting and Domain Name and why do you need Web Hosting?

I have already written a detailed article on Domain Name? and How to choose a perfect domain name. Click here to read that blog.

Well but in this article, I am gonna share you some information about Web Hosting.



Now let suppose you buy a Domain Name for your website. But you also need to buy some space on the web so as to store the data of your website. This data can be text, images, videos, files etc.

So here comes the role of Web Hosting. Web hosting or web server is a place which is used to store all of your website data.



We can also store our website data on our local computer. Right?

But wait. Creating and managing your own server is not so easy task.

You need a powerful computer with a very good processor and RAM.

And you must know all the technical stuff related to the server to repair or for the maintenance purpose.

And most important, your server should run 24/7 with high-speed internet connection which might be difficult to achieve in your local computer.

So now you must be clear with my point that why do we need web hosting.

You can buy these Web Hosting through many Web Hosting companies. These Web Hosting companies have their own powerful computers or so-called web servers with high-speed internet connection which runs 24/7 so that anyone can access your website any time and from anywhere.



  • GoDaddy
  • BigRock
  • BlueHost
  • Hostgator


GoDaddy and BigRock are quite expensive.

Know How to buy Domain Name on GoDaddy [Step by Step Process]

While Bluehost and Hostgator are very popular for their web hosting services.

There are also many other websites which provide free Web Hosting. But I recommend you to not use those services.

Free Web Hosting lacks for their services and they also didn’t have any good support system.

So it is always recommended to buy paid web hosting services.


So here we come to an end of this article, I hope you find this article helpful.

Share your thought about web hosting?

Comment down what you think about Free and Paid Web Hosting and which web hosting according to you provides good support and services.

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