What Is Gorilla Glass? Is Gorilla Glass Really Scratch Proof?

Wha is gorilla glass?

What Is Gorilla Glass?

Nowadays almost every smartphone comes with Gorilla Glass. It is not only used in smartphones but Gorilla Glass is also used in television screens, laptop screens and to protect tablets screens.

It doesn’t stop here, Gorilla Glass is also used in interior designing of houses, widely used in automotive industries. But ever wonder what is Gorilla Glass?


Gorilla Glass is lightweight, strong, thin and scratch resistant glasses.

But ever wonder what makes this glasses different from normal glasses.

These normal glasses are made up of sand or silicon dioxide, Limestone and Sodium Carbonate.

While these Gorilla Glasses have the same ingredients. But these glasses are then further dipped in Potassium salt bath and exchange of ions takes place.

The sodium ions are replaced by potassium ions which are very large and heavy as compared to sodium ions.

This makes Gorilla Glass scratch resistant, lightweight and strong.

With every new version, the company is improving their hardness and minimizing the thickness of Gorilla Glass.

The recent version of this glass is Gorilla Glass 6. Corning, the company which manufactures Gorilla Glass claimed that Gorilla Glass 6 is two times stronger than its previous version.


No. Gorilla Glass is scratch resistant but it doesn’t mean Gorilla Glass is completely scratch proof.

Actually, it depends on the Mohr Hardness test.

Mohr hardness test is basically to determine the hardness or ability of a material to resist the scratch.

Its value ranges from number 1 to 10.

Diamond is the most hardness material and having hardness number of 10.

While the new version of Gorilla Glass having mohr hardness number of 6 which means if any material having mohr hardness number less than 6 will not cause any effect on new Gorilla Glass 6 and it will completely resist the scratch on the glass.

But if any material having mohr hardness number greater than 6 will effect on Gorilla Glass 6.

And this time Gorilla glass 6 will not be able to resist the scratch.


The answer is Yes. We must use tempered glass or simple Plastic screen protective cover.

No doubt Gorilla Glass is toughest, hardest and scratch resistant but in some cases, materials which having mohr hardness number greater than 6 can damage your smartphone display.

Like Quartz (Silica sand) has mohr hardness number of 7.

Which means a simple Silica sand can damage your Gorilla Glass 6.

So it is always recommended to use tempered glass or plastic protective cover.

So, here we come to an end of this article. Hope you find this article helpful. If so, Share and spread the knowledge.

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