Top 6 Tips To Increase Phone Storage In A Smartphone

Increase Phone Storage In A Smartphone

How to Increase Phone Storage In A Smartphone


RAM and Phone storage plays a vital role in any smartphone.

You must have seen this message “Insufficient Storage” many times while clicking photos or while making a new video or while downloading apps or games from Google Play store.

Due to this warning message we are unable to click any image and not able to download anything from the web.

To avoid this I am sharing you some tips to increase phone storage in a smartphone.

1. To increase phone storage in a smartphone you can connect your phone with the computer and free up some space by deleting unwanted files.

But in some cases you want to immediately free up some space and what if you don’t have a computer with you.

In that case first, figure out which apps in your phone consuming more space. Delete unnecessary apps.

2. In the Android phone, you have an option of clear cache in settings. In this way, you can increase phone storage in your android phone.

3. If you are iPhone user then go to settings and then go to General and then click on Storage and then iCloud storage.
Now go to Main Storage and then you can delete those files which you find unnecessary for your device.

4. Many times our phone contains old messages and images which we sometimes forgot to delete.
Delete those messages and images immediately.

5. Sometimes we download attached files with E-mails and forget to delete them later. These files also increase our phone storage. So you should immediately delete those files.

6. If you find that even after deleting unwanted files there is not enough space available in your phone in that case you can use Cloud Storage.

You can transfer all your data like images, videos, pdf files etc. in cloud storage.

The cloud storage is safe and secure and you can retrieve your anytime you want.

So these are some of the above tips which you can use to increase phone storage in a smartphone.

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