Top 6 Hidden Advantages of Blogging That You Must Know

Advantages of Blogging

Before we jump to the Advantages of Blogging. First, let us see What does Blogging mean?



Blogging is like our diary we create on an online platform. Whatever we have learned so far from our education or from our experiences we publish those articles on the online platform and try to give information to the people which will add value to their learning.

To start our blogging journey, first, we have to create our blog or website. This is a very simple step. I am gonna tell you about this step in a minute.



Now, there are actually two ways of creating Blog. One Method is Free and the other one is Paid.

Let us look at them one by one.

1. BLOGGER is a Website where you can create your blog without spending any money.

You just have to search for Blogger on Google Search.

Open the first link and you need to signup with your Gmail Account.

After Signing in, You have to set your blog name and then choose a template and click on create.

Here you go, your Blogger account is ready.

Now you have to just customize your theme or upload a new theme. I recommend you to upload a new theme. There are many websites which provide free new themes for blogger.



The other method to make your own blogging website is WordPress. Most of the People opt for this Method.

Because creating Website in WordPress is actually very Simple. You can easily customize your Website using drag and drop option.

You will also Find amazing and advanced free themes according to your niche (Topic).

The Plugins available in WordPress again makes our work very easy.

These Plugins helps to enhance the functionality of our Websites.

But to create a website on WordPress, You must need to buy your Domain Name which is nothing but the name of your Website.

You can purchase a domain from various websites like Godaddy, Bigrock etc.



The next thing after purchasing a Domain Name, You need to purchase Hosting.

Again You can purchase hosting from Godaddy, Bigrock, Bluehost etc.

And then you will get your Cpanel where you will get an option to download WordPress.

Finally, You will get your WordPress Account. Then log in to your WordPress account and customize your website.

Advantages of Blogging


Now I am gonna discuss about Top 6 Hidden Advantages of Blogging That You Must Know.



The biggest advantage of Blogging is you don’t have to work for a company. You will work for yourself.

Don’t have to wait until the first week of the month to get your salary.

Don’t need to work for 9 to 5.

You will be your own boss. Now you will decide your time, location and working hours.



You can make yourself a brand. Through blogging, you can help people and gain popularity among them and then you can launch your own services.

Like one of the best example who became himself as a brand is Neil Patel.



You can even start your own profitable business and become an entrepreneur. Once you became expertise in Blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can sell your own services, You can work as a Freelancer or you can even open your own company.



You can even make money through Google Adsense. You need to place Google ads on your website and then Google will pay you for each clicks and then Google will directly transfer money to your bank account on every third week of the month.



If you own a blog, and if there is huge traffic on your blog. You can actually make a decent amount of cash through Affiliate Marketing. In affiliate marketing you need to suggest some awesome stuff to the users, It can be anything like for example electronics items, digital products or services.

If a user purchases those products through your unique link. Then you will get some commission from the company.

It is actually a win-win situation for both you and user, the user will get the best thing in the market and you will get some money through affiliate marketing.



If you have huge traffic on your Website or Blogs. Many brands will approach you for promoting their products or services.

You just need to give your honest review about that particular products or services and you have to publish on your Blog.

In this way, you can earn through sponsorships.

So, we have come to an end of our article in which you have seen the Top 6 Advantages of Blogging.

I hope you find this article informative If so, Share this article and spread the knowledge.

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