IOS vs Android Comparison and Difference

IOS vs Android Comparison and Difference

If you are planning to buy a new smartphone but if you are confused between which is better IOS vs Android.This article is all about IOS vs Android Comparison and Difference

You will see the advantages and disadvantages of having both the smartphones. I am gonna compare and tell the difference between these popular operating systems which are IOS and Android.

Both operating systems have their own upsides and downsides.

So if you are planning to buy a new smartphone or want to switch from one operating system to other then stick to this article.



IOS is an operating system developed by Apple on 29 July 2007 while Android is developed by Google on 23 September 2008.

These both operating systems are developed by the leading giant companies and these operating systems are best in their own way.

So let’s look at the difference between the two most popular operating systems.

IOS vs Android Comparison and Difference


First, let’s see how Android is better than IOS.

1. Customization

In the case of customization, you cannot customize your IOS phone as compared to an Android phone.

In IOS you can only change wallpapers, can move app icons from one place to another place and can create a folder and that’s it.

But in the Android phone, you can change widgets, you can use different kinds of launchers available in the play store, can change your lock screen, can change your app icons, a variety of themes are available for Android. You can modify your Android phone as you want.

2. Variety of Phones

There are so many varieties of smartphones are available in Android. If you want to purchase a phone with a good camera, or with a good battery life. Varieties of phones are available with different RAM and that too in the budget. So actually you have a lot of options available on Android Smartphones.

But in the case of IOS there are not many options available and the worst part about iPhone is they are very expensive as compared to Android.

Many Android phones provide the same features in affordable price.

3. File Sharing

The Android phone provides great options for file sharing without any limitations. You can transfer your file from one phone to another phones and computers easily.

But IOS has a lot of limitations in terms of file sharing. You can connect your Bluetooth or other file-sharing software only just with other IOS products.

4. Multi-Tasking and Multi Window

In android with the use of third-party software, you can easily do two or more task at the same time in the same window using multi-window software and can easily utilize the larger phone display.

But in IOS you don’t have these kinds of options.

Now, let’s see how IOS is better than Android.

1. Optimization

IOS design their own hardware and software. So they know how to maintain a proper balance between hardware and software and that is the reason IOS products doesn’t hang or lag and in spite of less specification IOS phones runs smoothly.

But Android doesn’t make their operating systems targeting only one phone.

Android only provide software and different smartphone use their own hardware. So there is no proper balance between hardware and software which result in lag and slow down of android phones.

2. Software Updates

In IOS you get fast updates. On the same day you will get software updates on every IOS phones. Even you get the latest software updates in old IOS Phones.

But in Android, you won’t get fast and latest updates easily and you will find a bad experience in terms of software updates in Android smartphones.

3. App Quality

You will find good quality apps in IOS as compared to Android phones.
There are some of the apps which first launched in IOS and then it comes for Android phones like Instagram.

4. Apple Products Ecosystem

If you have more than one devices of Apple-like if you have an iPhone and an Ipad then you will find a great ecosystem between all devices of Apple. They all sync properly and easily. You can share data and play anything from one device to another without facing any difficulty.

Now, this ecosystem is also available in Android products but IOS provides a very good experience compared to Android.

5. After Sales Service

Apple provides very well after sales service and customer support for their all products as compared to Android users.

So this article was all about IOS vs Android Comparison and Difference. Comment down below which opertaing system you like the most and why?

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