How to Hide Online Status on Whatsapp inAndroid phone

How to Hide Online Status on Whatsapp in Android phone

How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp in Android Phone

Gone those old days when people used to communicate through SMS (Short Message Service). Now things have become more advanced. The technology is growing day by day.

This technology has made our life so easy and fast. Thanks to social Messaging Apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Hike and many more.

Now we can easily share large files with just one go. We can even share images, videos, Contacts, Location, Documents etc. using these apps and the best part about these apps is they won’t cost you for every single message just like in SMS.

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The most popular social messaging app from all of the above is Whatsapp. According to 2018 report, there are 250 million active users of Facebook. This is really huge.

Whatsapp provides you an easy way to communicate with your friends or relatives. But what if you don’t want to show your friends or relatives that you are online.

Sometimes we need this feature, you don’t want to show anybody that you are online.

In that case, you have given you an option to hide online status on WhatsApp.

See How to Hide Online Status on  Android phone.

All you need to do is follow these simple steps to hide online status on WhatsApp in android phone.

1. Open your Whatsapp, and tap on three dots on the top right corner

2. Click on “settings” which appears on the bottom.

3. Now click on “Account”.


4. Then tap on “privacy”.

click on settings

5. Now click on “Last Seen” and then select “Nobody” option or you can only show to your contact list by selecting “My Contacts” option.

clcik on last seen

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But unfortunately, Whatsapp does not provide any option to hide online status for any particular person.

This article is all about how to hide online status on Whatsapp in android phone. Share it if you find this article informative.

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