Top 8 Amazing Facts About Android

In today’s world if you go out to buy a new smartphone you will find mainly two kinds of phones, Android or iPhone.

According to 2018 reports, 88% of people are using Android smartphones.

So today in this article we are going to throw light on some of the astonishing facts about Android.

1.Do you know Android is a man?

Yes, You heard that right. Male robots are referred to as “Android” while Female Robots are referred to as “gynoid”.

2.Android was not a part of Google.

Android was created by Android Inc. in 2003 but later Google acquired this company in 2005.

3.Android was created for Digital Cameras.

Android was developed to aim Operating System for Digital Cameras but later they saw the potential of Android and changed their target from Digital Cameras to Smartphones.

4.The First Smartphone runs on Android.

The very first smartphone which runs on Android Operating System was HTC Desire and It was launched in 2008.

5.Names of Android Version of 1.0 and 1.1

Except for these two versions of Android, all other versions are named after desserts and sweet.

But Android 1.0 was named as “Alpha” and Android 1.1 was named as “Petit Four”.

6.Android 3.0 Doesn’t Work on Phones.

Android 3.0 was primarily focussed for tablets. It was first launched in Motorola XOOM in the year 2011.

7.Android helps Google to Track Traffic.

Google Maps track traffic by calculating the movement of various Android devices on a particular track.

8.Google Play is the Biggest App Store

If you are an Android user, then you must be happy to know that Android has the biggest collection of Apps with about 3.8 million apps while Apple’s has a collection of about 2 million apps.

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