8 Things You Should Never Do In Your Android Phone

Have you recently bought a new phone? Are you intending to purchase a new android phone? Or You are using an android phone for a long time?

Here is the list of few things which you might be doing in your android phone which you should never do in your android phone.

1. Avoid Installing Apps from Unknown Sources


A lot of users download apps from various websites. Mostly the paid ones.
If you are doing so, then stop doing it now.
By doing so, you are promoting piracy which is illegal and it also allows malicious malware to enter in our android phone which can leak our important data.

So it is always recommended to download Apps and Games from Google Play Store.


2. Don’t Kill Apps from the Recent Apps menu


I am pretty sure that everyone has done this once on your Android Phone.

Its a myth that killing apps from recent apps menu cleans your RAM or speed up your phone.

It is because when you try to open a new application again then it takes much time to load all the data which consume more battery power and increases the load on the processor. So it is advised to not to close recent apps.

3. Do not use Antivirus Softwares


Android Phones doesn’t need any Antivirus Software. As long as if you are downloading Apps from play store and all other files from trusted websites.

Unnecessary Antivirus Software slow down phone’s speed and consumes more battery Power.

4. Using Of Battery Savers


Some people use battery savers to minimize the Battery consumption of Phone. But what actually battery saver does is it kills the recent running Apps which is not at all good for Smartphones.

5. Clearing Cache Memory


If You are using Apps for cleaning your data. Then You must Uninstall it right now.

These Apps clean your phone’s Cache Memory.

While Cache Memory helps us to retrieve our Data more quickly and boost our phone’s speed.

6. WhatsApp Fake Messages


You must have seen those Fake WhatsApp messages like “Download this App and Earn Real Money” or “Click on this Website and claim your Prize Money”.

Do not believe in those messages. They are totally fake. Those Apps and Websites are trapped to collect your information.

Better to always Delete those Fake messages.

7. Ignoring App Permissions


When you download apps from play store it asks about app permissions and many times we enable all permissions without noticing it carefully.

Now Suppose You Download one Photo Editing App and it asking for permission to access your Phone Contact list!

Why does a Photo Editing App need to access our Phone contact list?

In this case, you should always take care whether to allow or deny the certain permissions based on the functionality of the app.

8. Not Restarting your Phone


You should always restart your phone after every one to two week.


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